As an archery coach, my ultimate goal is to give method to the madness.  There is a reason for everything you do. There is a reason your arrow goes into the middle of the X, and there is a reason it misses.  The more we break down the minute details of your form, the more you begin to understand the difference between a perfect shot and a less than perfect shot.

I believe that every archer should receive individual, one-on-one instruction with a trained professional to help them reach their full potential and progress to their highest level of achievement.  Over the past 25 years of shooting competitive archery and coaching, I have developed a specific philosophy regarding proper form mechanics, shot sequence, shot execution, steady sight picture, and the mental aspects of archery.

My detailed knowledge of archery does not come from a book or from taking a class.  It has been tried, tested, and proven in 25 years of competing at the highest level possible.  I have stood on the line next to the best archers in the world and have competed successfully with them.  I have felt the tournament pressures, and I have learned to maintain excellent form and execute perfect shots during the heat of competition.  The only way to learn (and then teach) mental fortitude is through experience.  An instructor equipped solely with class-room training simply does not have the exposure to the realities of competition and the issues associated with competing.  Such an instructor cannot address fully the nerves and form breakdown that can occur during intense competition.  That is why I became interested in coaching and what lead me to develop my philosophies and theories regarding how I train students.  Throughout my many years of coaching, I have learned how to communicate my thoughts and theories to my students in a way so they not only “hear” the information, but understand and apply it to their shooting.

I have students that are just recreational archers, some of my students only apply their knowledge to hunting, but most are serious competitive archers who, combined, have won more than 20 National and countless State Championships.

My lessons range from individual hourly lessons to group multi-day training.  The lessons are tailored to address the individual needs of the student.  I also give group seminars.  If you are interested in attending or hosting a seminar, please see the seminar page.

I have also created an instructional DVD titled “Straight Talk with Michael Braden,” which covers form mechanics, shot sequence, target panic, and judging yardage.  My DVD titled “The Self-Reliant Bowhunter” teaches archers how to select, set-up, tune, and maintain his, or her, hunting bow.  Both DVDs are available through Lancaster Archery Supply.